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Brooklyn Work Accident Lawyer

When you're injured on the job in Brooklyn, we'll make sure you are protected.

If you were injured in a work accident in Brooklyn, you may be looking at some serious changes to your life. You may need weeks, months or even longer to recover from your injuries. You may not be able to work. An experienced Brooklyn work accident attorney at Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP can help you move forward.

We represent Brooklyn workers injured in all types of accidents, including but not limited to:

  • Injured man holding back after falling down stairs at workLifting Injuries
  • Slip & Falls/Trip & Falls
  • Hit by Objects
  • Falls from Heights
  • Work-Related Vehicle Accidents
  • Machinery Accidents
  • Exposure to Chemicals
  • Construction Accidents

The accident may have been over in a moment, but the battle is just beginning. By law, you are entitled to workers' compensation, which includes the full cost of reasonable and necessary medical treatment as well as a percentage of your lost wages. However, actually getting that compensation can be difficult. You need a Brooklyn attorney on your side who knows the system and knows how to make it work for you.

Your rights after a work accident in Brooklyn

When you’re hurt on the job in New York, you get workers’ compensation. It doesn’t matter whether the accident was your employer’s fault or even if your own negligence caused it; if you were at work when it happened, you are covered, period. Workers’ comp pays for the full cost of your reasonable and necessary medical treatment, including hospital bills, surgery and other medical treatment, physical therapy, medications, medical devices, and so on. It also provides partial replacement of your lost wages if you can’t work due to the injury and additional benefits for some permanent injuries.

If your accident was caused by a third party, such as a vendor, client, motorist, or equipment manufacturer, then you may also have a third-party personal injury claim. Such claims can provide additional compensation not covered by workers’ comp, like your pain and suffering or excess wage loss.

In short, you have legal recourse as an injured worker – but you’re also up against insurance companies that know the system well and know how to use it to their advantage. However, you don’t have to go it alone. You can level the playing field with the right legal representation.

Put an experienced Brooklyn work accident attorney on your side

Our attorneys will take immediate action to make sure your rights are protected. We know how to investigate and prove that your injury happened on the job. We understand the workers' compensation system and know how to advocate for the full amount of compensation you deserve for your medical treatment and lost wages. If a third party's negligence was a factor in your accident, we can help you file a third-party claim to hold them accountable, too.

It's tough to argue with our track record - over 100,000 clients represented and billions recovered for injured workers in Brooklyn, the Five Boroughs and beyond. If you've been injured in a work accident in Brooklyn, put experience and a proven track record on your side. Schedule your free consultation with a Brooklyn work accident lawyer today.

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