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Building Collapse

Let Us Help You Recover From Catastrophic Workplace Injuries After Building Collapse

Buildings are going up across the New York City area all the time, but unfortunately, not all construction sites have the proper safety procedures or expert worker training and supervision. The results can be deadly, often with entire buildings collapsing due to faulty construction. When a building collapses in on itself, it brings exterior walls down with it, crushing even load-bearing walls and threatening the lives of construction and industrial workers within, whether they're mudding sheetrock, laying tile or installing a window. If you were injured in a building collapse, workers compensation is there to provide financial assistance for everything from back injury, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury to broken bones and exposure to chemicals or fumes. As relentless building collapse injury lawyers, we are here to fight for every penny of the workers comp benefits you have coming to you. If you were hurt by a fall from the roof of a collapsing building, the New York scaffolding law could apply, and we apply it in any case involving falling workers.

New York Workers Comp Attorneys Who Fight For Your Rights

The headlines are filled with stories of collapsed buildings throughout New York. In Brooklyn, a brick layer was killed and another seriously injured when a third-story construction floor overloaded with pallets of cinder blocks collapsed, and because the support beams under the lower floors buckled, the men fell three floors into the basement. In Long Island City a building facade sheered off, flattening cars and endangering workers nearby. And in Lower Manhattan, a five-story Tribeca structurally unstable building caved in, causing shattered glass and falling debris to rain down, with clouds of dust covering the entire block. In all these cases, the injured parties, and the grieving families of loved ones lost in a fatal workplace accident, are entitled to a workers compensation settlement.

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