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Nursing Home Abuse

A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in New York Who Advocates for Neglected and Injured People

Few situations require us to have faith in others as much as when we entrust them to care for one of our loved ones-and if that trust is breached, we must take action. If you put an elderly or infirm parent into a nursing home, assisted living facility, a hospice or an at-home elder-care arrangement, you put your full trust in each person on the elder healthcare staff to do the right thing, every day, for your mom or dad. You count on everyone from maids, cooks and medication nurses to home caregivers, doctors and nursing home administrators to give your cherished relative the best care possible. But the harsh truth is that sometimes nursing home residents are abused or mistreated in some way. As experienced, reliable New York nursing home abuse lawyers, many with elderly parents ourselves, we consider this issue to demand as aggressive a legal response as all of our practice areas.

Nursing Home Mistreatment, Negligence and Emotional Trauma Could Mean a NY Elder Abuse Lawsuit

You've come to this page because you are concerned about the welfare of an elderly, sick or perhaps terminally ill loved one. You may have begun to notice subtle signs of elder mistreatment or worry that your elder relative is being ignored. Perhaps your mother was given an incorrect medication dosage and she went into a coma. Maybe your father was neglected for a full day and later found on the floor, having fallen out of bed unnoticed. Elder abuse in nursing homes is reprehensible and the only remedy is an aggressive, yet caring elder abuse attorney in New York who will fight for your family's dignity and justice.

The list of potential nursing home abuses is as long as it is egregious:

  • Negligence
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Activity restrictions
  • Isolation or oppression
  • Financial exploitation
  • Theft of money or property
  • Over-medication or under-medication
  • Not being fed enough or being starved

If You See One Sign of Nursing Home Mistreatment, Call a NY Elder Abuse Lawyer Today

Nursing home abuse and elder abuse can be very difficult to detect, but family members should be vigilant at all times when their elderly loved one is in the care of others, either in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, a hospice or living with at-home elder-care. If you notice any of the following symptoms of elder abuse, call us today:

  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • Bruises, scrapes or lacerations
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Incoherent or over-drugged behavior
  • Bad body odor due to inadequate bathing
  • New behaviors, fears or worries
  • Incorrect or dangerous drugs in room
  • Unclean bathroom or bedroom
  • Soiled clothing or bedding
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Agitation, anger or frustration
  • Burn injury

Every day elders are abused or mistreated and only caring relatives like you can take action on their behalf. If you suspect any sort of ill-treatment or negligence, or if your elderly parent died unexpectedly in what may have been a wrongful death, call Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP toll-free today at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online for a free evaluation. Every discussion is personalized, sensitive and confidential, and there is no obligation. We help families facing elder abuse issues in New York, including all of NYC, Westchester County, Long Island and Rockland County.