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Planning your estate now will protect your future, your family and offer peace of mind. You need to plan ahead and act now.

Last will and testament:

A will is a written document that directs your designated Executor how you want the assets of your estate divided and distributed among your loved ones and provides when necessary for a Guardian to care for your minor children and trustees to handle your children's inheritance during their minority or if incapable of handling money at the time of your death.

Living Will:

A living will is a written document that comes into effect when you are in a terminal vegetated state and a physician determines this condition is permanent. It allows the person that you designate to make sure that you are kept comfortable and pain free. It allows nature to take its course without prolonging your death with medication and mechanical means.

Health Care Proxy:

A Health Care proxy is a written document that comes into effect should you become

temporarily or permanently disabled or incapacitated; and are unable to make your own health care decisions. While you are in this state, it allows the person you have chosen to make the health care decisions for you.

Power Of Attorney:

A Power of Attorney is a written document which appoints someone you trust to

handle your financial affairs, such as banking, paying bills and other everyday matters. It can take effect immediately or upon a specific occurrence. It can be for a temporary situation or for a long term situation. A Power of Attorney terminates upon your recovery or death.

Our estate planning department assists clients in light of current estate law to ensure that property and assets are well protected during their lifetime and distributed in the future to provide for family and loved ones. Our attorneys will review, discuss, and offer recommendations regarding various estate planning options. Our services include preparation of wills, living wills, and health care proxies as well as the probate and administration of estates.