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Motorcycle Accidents

Let a New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fight For Your Justice

All bikers who have suffered motorcycle accident injuries understand the irony of being incredibly vulnerable out on the road and yet blamed for traffic collisions they didn't cause. We also get it, because we're not only seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys in New York, some of us are bikers too. We know that motorcyclists are the most cautious drivers out there, but still get accused of being reckless on the road.

On busy New York City streets, motorcycle riders and passengers can end up in a broad range of accidents, due to hazardous traffic situations and not being very visible. You might have come to us because you were sideswiped by a speeding cab on 678 in Queens or you had a distracted driver pull out in front of you on Canal Street in Manhattan. A fatigued trucker on the Brooklyn Bridge might have had you in his blind spot and nearly forced you into oncoming traffic. Or you might have wiped out on gravel in front of a construction site in the Bronx.

With a Tough Motorcycle Crash Attorney On Your Side, You Can Stand Tall Against the Insurance Company

Out of the approximately 16,000 NYC motor vehicle accidents that happen each year, about 10 percent of those involve motorcyclists. If you're one of them, call us. As relentless, knowledgeable New York personal injury attorneys, we take care of the entire motorcycle accident case, filling out legal forms, interviewing witnesses, photographing the accident location and ensuring that accident evidence is preserved. In a typical motorcycle accident personal injury case, we recommend the best doctors for medical treatment and help clients get their cars repaired or replaced if it was totaled in the wreck. When dealing with insurance companies, we're fearless and diligent, tirelessly going after every penny of compensation our clients deserve.

NY Biker Injuries Can Be Debilitating And Deadly-Get A Powerful New York Personal Injury Legal Team On Your Side

Motorcycle wreck injuries range from road burn and broken bones to spinal cord injury, paralysis and coma. Even if you were wearing a motorcycle helmet, you could have traumatic brain injury, which can mean an ambulance, hospitalization, MRIs, casts, crutches, and even a wheelchair. In order to get the settlement needed to pay for all these medical bills, an injured biker or passenger on a motorcycle needs the most aggressive personal injury lawyer possible. With most motorcycles weighing only a few hundred pounds and the average car weighing 5,000 pounds, bikers don't have a chance in a collision, no matter how much protective gear they wear.

Motorcycle Crash Victims Need Knowledgeable, Relentless Legal Representation-Call Us Today

If you or a loved one suffered from motorcycles wreck injuries or if you lost a loved one in a biker accident fatality, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in New York who knows how to win. Call the Law Offices of Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP toll-free at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online for a free evaluation. Every discussion is personalized and confidential, and you pay nothing unless you win. Serving Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens County, Kings County, Westchester County, Rockland County, the Bronx and Long Island.