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How Does An Attorney Help Me Get Disability Benefits?

Many people wonder if it's really necessary for them to hire an attorney to assist them with their claim for Social Security disability benefits.  After all, their doctor has told them that they're totally disabled and can't work any longer.  Why would they need to hire an attorney for assistance obtaining Social Security disability benefits - benefits they paid for and that they deserve?  This is an understandable viewpoint - but it's not as simple as that.

If your doctor writes a brief letter on your behalf that says you are "totally disabled" or "unable to work," that's a great first step.  However, it's only a first step.  The ultimate decision regarding disability is a legal decision that can only be made by the Social Security Administration.  It is your job to present medical evidence - in the form of medical reports, test results, and medical source statements - that shows you are disabled.  This type of letter isn't enough.

Attorneys experienced in Social Security disability proceedings are familiar with the standard of disability (in other words, what we have to prove to Social Security regarding your ability to work).  This means that we will be able to obtain the necessary evidence and present it to Social Security in a timely fashion.  One of the key ways we do this is through the use of medical source statements, which allow doctors to express their opinion regarding their patient's ability to work in a manner that can be easily understood and credited by the Administration.

Your Disability Attorney Can Speak For You

Retaining an attorney to assist you with your claim also means that you do not have to speak with anyone at Social Security about your case.  Your attorney will be able to help you fill out all the necessary forms, gather all the necessary evidence, and provide you with the status of your claim.  Knowing that an experienced attorney will be assisting you can provide peace of mind, as well as eliminating the difficulties that can come with trying to contact Social Security.

While hiring an attorney does not guarantee that you'll win your case and be awarded benefits, it does mean that you will have done everything you can to maximize your chances of winning your case.  Filing for Social Security disability benefits is a long and complex process - shouldn't you do everything you can to make sure you obtain the benefits that you deserve?

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