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Understanding Social Security Disability

New York Social Security Disability Lawyers Who Fight for Compensation

Like most New Yorkers, you've probably been working hard your whole life but may be unaware that, with every paycheck, you paid a small amount into the Social Security Disability system, in the form of what is called a "FICA" contribution. This means that, if you've worked for 5 years out of the last decade, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, unless you are under 31, in which case the requirement is less. If you've served in the military, you may also be eligible for veterans disability benefits. When a disability means you can't work, you can apply for SSD benefits that can help you pay your bills and make ends meet. It's like withdrawing some of the money you've been depositing into the SSD fund through all your working years. When you suffer a medical crisis, such as stroke, or you slip and fall on an icy sidewalk and put your back out, or you are laid up with a broken leg after a car crash, SSD might be the only way you'll be able to stay afloat financially. Without the help of a determined SSD attorney, however, your SSD claim could be denied, even if you try to appeal it.

We Know Social Security Disability Law Inside and Out-Get a Tough NY SSD Lawyer In Your Corner

An SSD eligible disability can be based on a work related or non-work related injury or illness, whether physical, emotional or a combination. The impairment must prevent the ability to engage in any sustained work and be verified by a physician-not just a chiropractor-who has provided treatment to the claimant during the period of disability. Regardless of a disabled New Yorker's eligibility, most SSD applications are rejected. Our clients attest that it was only when they got an experienced SSD attorney on their side that they were finally awarded SSD benefits. The Social Security Administration's regulations are complicated and applying for Disability benefits can be extremely confusing and discouraging.

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