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Critical Issues with the Social Security Disability System

New York City Workers' CompensationThe Social Security Disability (SSD) system provides significant benefits to workers who become disabled. If you have paid in enough money to earn work credits, or if you have limited income and few resources, you should be entitled to receive disability benefits if you have a long-term medical condition that prohibits work.

Unfortunately, while the SSD system is designed to help the sick and injured, it is far from a perfect system. One problem is that it is really hard to qualify for benefits. Most people are denied, and seeking the help of Social Security Disability attorneys in New York as early as possible in your case is often the best course of action. Because denial and delay are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues that plague both the Social Security Disability and the Social Security retirement system.

Problems with the Social Security System

Recently, PBS published an article on some of the inequities in the Social Security system.

  • The possibility that someone could contribute over his entire life to the Social Security system and get back less in benefits than a person who never worked for a day and never contributed to the system. You need to remember, if you get sick or disabled, you have earned the benefits that the SSA promised you. Be sure to get the help you need to get them.
  • It is possible to lose significant benefits based on getting married or getting divorced at the wrong time. There are certain circumstances under which you can obtain disability benefits based on your spouse's work record. You need to be aware of the best approach to take to obtain your disability benefits.
  • Disabled workers may have a less generous formula for maximum family benefits than retired workers. If multiple people are receiving Social Security disability benefits in your family, this can affect the income that you are able to receive. You need to know what the maximum family benefit is and how it impacts you.
  • Social Security is 32 percent under-financed and the system is in serious financial trouble. In fact, while Detroit's two pension systems get a lot of press attention for their financial problems, Social Security is actually in worse shape.
  • Disability and child survivor benefits based on a parent's work record are available only if children are 21 or younger. This means a child who becomes disabled on his 22nd birthday is one day too late to maximize his or her potential disability benefits and will receive significantly less income than if he had become disabled a day before and qualified based on a parent's work record.

These are problems with the system that are unlikely to be corrected anytime soon. There are many technical things to know about applying for Social Security disability and maximizing your benefits. It is advisable to have an experienced attorney helping you with the process so you can obtain the benefits you deserve.

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