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Knee Injury

Workplace Broken Knee and Knee Injuries Demand a Forceful NY Workers' Comp Attorney

Many types of workplace leg injuries can occur, regardless of your field. Knees are particularly vulnerable, as they can be injured in a severe workplace accident, or you may feel chronic knee pain due to continuous strain on the job. Workers' compensation insurance companies see knee injuries frequently but will often dismiss them as being nothing more than a pre-existing condition. Common workplace knee injuries include:

  • Construction worker sitting on the floor with bandaged knee injuryBroken kneecap from falling off a ladder on the job
  • Below-the-knee amputation after a work-related car accident
  • Knee sprains, strains, and swelling from standing or walking at work all day
  • Torn ligaments, tendons, and cartilage due to workplace repetitive motion injuries
  • Broken legs, including knees and ankles, in catastrophic construction site accidents
  • Torn meniscus from being hit by moving scaffolding, requiring arthroscopic surgery

How much compensation can I get for a knee injury at work?

There is no single average payout for a work-related knee injury. It depends on the extent of the injury, your recovery time, and the effects on your health and your ability to work. There are three types of knee injury compensation you can get through the workers’ compensation system:

  • Medical expenses, including the cost of knee surgery, physical therapy, medication, follow-up visits with a doctor, and any other reasonable and necessary treatment.
  • Two-thirds of your lost wages if your knee injury renders you unable to work, or two-thirds of the difference if you have to take on light duties for less pay.
  • Schedule loss of use (SLU) benefits if you have a permanent, disabling injury. In New York, injuries to the leg are worth up to 288 weeks of compensation, modified by the percentage of disability. For example, if your knee injury causes you to lose 25 percent of the use of your leg, then you could be eligible to get 72 weeks of compensation, even if you didn’t miss a single day of work.

The best way to get full compensation for a knee injury is to get an experienced knee injury lawyer. We can advocate for your interests throughout the process and fight for maximum value for your claim.

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Because the knee joint is a vital part of general mobility, it can be easy to dismiss knee pain as par for the course. This is especially true if you are an older person with knee soreness. The so-called Independent Medical Exam doctor will often tell you it's down to aging. However, the insurance company pays them for your employer, so they will naturally downplay your work injury. We'll assist you in choosing a doctor who will take your job knee injury seriously, which can sometimes mean seeking an orthopedic surgeon's opinion so that you can get the restitution you deserve.

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