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Researchers Show Disabilities Cannot be Prevented With Age

As medicine has improved and people have begun living longer, gerontologists once hoped for something called a "compression of morbidity." This concept essentially meant that people would remain active and healthy for most of their lives and then, once they reached an advanced age, would die swiftly. Unfortunately, this has not materialized and the chances...

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Social Security Disability Benefits The Only Safety Net for Many Workers

Most people have to work for a living in order to pay their bills and put food on the table. Unfortunately, sometimes a medical problem or disability makes working impossible. In fact, our Manhattan disability lawyers know that an estimated one out of every four workers now in his or her 20s will become disabled...

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Facts and Myths About Social Security Disability Benefits

Lately, the Social Security disability benefits program has come under scrutiny because there are record numbers of people receiving benefits and because the cost of covering disability benefits now exceeds annual expenses paid out for welfare and food stamps. Our Manhattan disability lawyers have written in the past about how the Social Security Disability System...

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