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Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted Drivers Cause Devastating Traffic Accidents-Let a Persistent NY Distracted Driving Injury Lawyer Help!

Of the approximately 16,000 traffic accidents that take place across the area every month, a full 16 percent of them-over 2,000 crashes-are caused by distracted drivers. It's not only cell phone crashes and texting behind the wheel auto wrecks, but new in-dash technology contribute to serious accidents as well. Drivers distracted by searching for GPS directions, posting Facebook updates and Twittering in traffic cause distraction-related collisions every day. Perhaps you were hit by a driver using his MP3 player on 684 in Westchester County, a commuter reading dashboard restaurant reviews on Broadway in Manhattan or a reckless trucker surfing the Internet while speeding down the Staten Island Expressway.

Distracted Driving Accidents are Becoming More Common and More Deadly

Regardless of where in the NY City region you were injured by a distracted driver, call the determined distracted driver crash lawyers in New York who are feared by opponents in court because of our long-held reputation for preparing cases well and winning them for our clients. We've been fiercely representing distracted driver crash victims since the days when reading the paper, eating a hero sandwich or putting on make-up were the most common driver distractions. Nowadays, with built-in connectivity systems, driver distractions have become nearly limitless, and it's innocent pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers on the road who are suffering the consequences.

Distracted driver rear-end accidents, head-ons, roll-overs and hit-and-runs have become all-too common. If you are a distracted driver injury victim, or a loved one was killed by a distracted driver, don't wait. Call the Law Offices of Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP today at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. There is no obligation, and every conversation is personalized and confidential.