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Elevator or Escalator Accidents

Elevator and Escalator Injuries Can Be Severe and Demand a Tough Personal Injury Attorney

Escalators and elevators are just about everywhere in New York-in high-rise office buildings, hotels, condos, apartments and retail stores, in government buildings, subway stations, train stations and shopping centers. Most of us don't think about the possibility of a malfunctioning elevator or a defective escalator, but accidents are common.

If you were injured on an escalator or hurt in an elevator, any number of situations might have occurred. Your clothing may have been caught in an escalator's moving stairs, causing you to slip and fall, leaving you with a knee injury. Your child might have broken a finger when he fell on a loose step as the escalator was going up. Elevator doors may have closed on you, making you lose your balance so you fell and broke your shoulder. You may have been in an elevator that got stuck between floors, causing you to have a stress-related heart attack or perhaps you suffered violent assault injuries from another passenger and the elevator alarm was broken. In each case, the owner of the building may be responsible for any insufficient safety inspections, poor maintenance or other negligence that lead to your injury. And you will need an aggressive New York escalator and elevator injury lawyer on your side.

Hurt on an Escalator or Injured in an Elevator? Rely on an Aggressive Attorney to Fight for You

Escalators and elevators can be deadly as well. Years ago, a subway passenger was asphyxiated to death when her coat got stuck in an escalator and strangled her. Regardless of the circumstances, if you were hurt in an escalator accident or suffered any injury due to an elevator breakdown, it falls into the "premises accidents" category, meaning the property owner is liable for your medical bills and any lost wages due to being unable to work as you recover.

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