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Subway Accidents

Trust a Determined New York Subway Accident Lawyer to Guide You

New Yorkers have seen every type of subway hazard. They know that personal injury accidents can take place at any time, on a platform, in a train car, on stairs or escalators. You could slip and fall on a broken step on your way down into the station to hop on the A-Train to Brooklyn, have the F-train door shut on you during rush hour on your way home to Queens, end up with an injured knee tripping on a turnstile trying to catch the 5 up to the Bronx or suffer a back injury when the 4 Lex Express lurches forward on your way to Westchester. One passenger even had her shirt get stuck in a subway escalator and was asphyxiated. In any of these cases, an experienced subway accident attorney in New York can fight for the victims or their families, who may be experiencing deep financial and emotional losses.

NY Subway Fatalities are Rare but Catastrophic, with Third Rail Electrocution or Subway Collision

As every New Yorker knows, there is also the possibility of immense tragedy on the subway, if someone pushes a person off the platform down onto the tracks, where they could be electrocuted by the third rail or crushed by an oncoming train. Subway train operators can cause subway accidents as well, with trains running into each other head on, a stopped train in a station being rear-ended by the train behind, or trains running full speed into subway tunnel walls, throwing passengers within the cars.

Defective subway trains, faulty train brakes or malfunctioning operating systems can cause subway collisions, as well as insufficient subway train inspections, maintenance and repairs. If you work for the MTA and believe the cause of your accident was negligence on their part, we are well-versed in representing union members as well-such as Transit Workers Union (TWU) members-and can help fight your case, too.

We at Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP understand the many risks of riding the subway, both as experienced personal injury attorneys in New York and as subway riders ourselves. And we know that, when it's your word against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or NYC Transit Authority, without an aggressive, reputable accident lawyer by your side, you could easily lose your injury case. If you suffered emotional trauma from witnessing a subway accident, that may also constitute a personal injury case. With 90 years of experience behind us, we know how to fight hard for clients' rights.

The MTA Is Not On Your Side - We Are and We Pursue Top Dollar for Our Clients

If your loved one was killed in a subway accident, don't hesitate to contact a NY subway accident lawyer. We can discuss a potential wrongful death case. Call us today, toll-free, at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online today for a free evaluation. Don't take on the MTA or NYCTA, their intimidating attorneys or insurance company adjusters alone. We're the powerful New York personal injury legal team you want on your side. We serve all New York City commuters who use the subway system, as well as Staten Island, Long Island and Rockland County.