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Qualifying for SSD Benefits

Find Out If You are Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits-Call Us Today!

Many New Yorkers don't apply for Social Security Disability benefits because they think they won't be eligible, but there are many reasons you could qualify for SSD payments. As experienced SSD lawyers helping injured and disabled New Yorkers, we will help assess your situation, from applying for Disability benefits to appealing a Social Security Disability denial on your behalf.

You may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits if you:

  • Are injured due to an accident or mishap
  • Are disabled due to illness, injury or emotional trauma
  • Became disabled after your spouse died
  • Became disabled before you turned 22
  • Became disabled after serving in the military
  • Have a physical or mental disability expected to last a year or result in death
  • Are related to a disabled worker and qualify for SSD benefits under his or her account
Social Security Disability Eligibility Can Be Complicated

The federal government has a clear definition of disability, and if you meet that definition and certain earnings requirements, you may be eligible to receive monthly SSD payments. Convincing the government that you are eligible is the challenge, and nearly impossible to do without a fierce SSD attorney by your side. You may also qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, which help low-income New Yorkers, those with limited resources and self-employed people.

The compassionate, seasoned SSD attorneys at Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP serve injured and disabled New Yorkers from Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn to Westchester and Long Island. Call us today at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online for a free evaluation. You pay nothing unless you win and there is no obligation.