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Third-Party Workplace Injury

New York Workers Compensation Covers Third-Party Job Injury Liability Claims

Work injuries are often complex, with numerous factors contributing to the accident or occupational illness. Perhaps you're an injured utility worker who got electrocuted when a faulty cable sparked or you suffered a back injury due to malfunctioning construction site equipment. Maybe you were run over by a distracted delivery van driver in the office parking lot or you were rear-ended by a drunk trucker while out on a sales call.

In each case, a third-party—that is, another person or entity not affiliated with your employer—is at least partially liable for your job-related injury: The faulty cable and construction equipment manufacturers, the delivery van driver's employer and the trucking company. You have workers compensation benefits coming to you to help you recover, but a 3rd party claim or lawsuit can help you recover significantly more.

Call a Tireless Lawyer To Pursue Negligent Third-Parties

Third-party liability cases are complex, but we've been doing this for over 80 years and know the workers compensation process inside and out. We'll help you document every detail of your injury, so that you can get the third-party compensation you deserve. Call us today toll-free at (800) 692-3717 or contact us online for a free evaluation. We help injured New York workers in Manhattan, Westchester, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens County, Rockland County and the Bronx. We work hard for our clients, handling everything from negotiating lost wages to medical bills to vocational rehabilitation.