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Queens Civil Service Disability Pensions Lawyer

Civil Servant Who Can't Work Due to Injury or Illness? Call a Fierce Queens Civil Service Lawyer

Employees of New York State, New York City and other NY municipalities sometimes don't know they are eligible for civil service disability pensions when they can't work due to an illness or injury. If you contracted a disease or illness, or if you are laid up due to an accident injury or disability, as a NY civil servant, you might have benefits waiting for you from your New York City Retirement System or New York State and local retirement plan. Getting those benefits is often incredibly challenging, however, with intimidating pension administrators challenging, delaying or denying your claim, leaving you out of work and the money you are rightfully due.

For over 90 years, we've been helping New York civil servants navigate the complicated civil service disability claim process, from understanding municipal disability pensions to figuring out which types of civil service disability claims you should be filing. It all depends on the nature of your work, how long you were employed and the dates of your employment. Benefits depend on the "Tier" you're in, which is contingent on your job type and retirement system membership history.

If you've already received a denied civil service disability claim, call a tireless, knowledgeable New York civil servant lawyer who knows the process inside and out. The likelihood of finally obtaining your Queens civil service pension payments will significantly improve with us by your side. We will also make any workers compensation, Social Security Disability and negligence lawsuit claims for which you may be eligible, ensuring that you get every dime coming to you.

How can a lawyer help with my civil service disability pension claim?

Navigating the complexities of the New York civil service disability system can be challenging. A lawyer can guide you through the process and offer valuable advice, and make sure you understand your rights, options, and obligations. For example:

  • Applying for a civil service disability pension requires careful completion of forms and gathering of supporting documentation. A lawyer will help you prepare a thorough and accurate application, ensuring all necessary information is included to increase the likelihood of approval.
  • A lawyer will ensure that all paperwork is properly completed and submitted within the specified timeframes, avoiding unnecessary delays or denials due to procedural errors.
  • An important part of a civil service disability case is gathering relevant evidence to support your claim. A lawyer will work with you to gather medical records, employment records, witness statements, and any other supporting documentation necessary to prove your disability and its impact on your ability to work.
  • A New York civil service disability lawyer will have experience working with medical experts who can provide opinions and testimony supporting your claim. Your lawyer can help you connect with the right specialists to evaluate your condition and provide the necessary medical evidence.

If your initial application is denied, a lawyer can help you file an appeal. Your lawyer will review the denial letter, identify the reasons for denial, and work with you to gather additional evidence or address any problems with your application.

Civil Service Pension Application to Favorable Settlement, We're Your NY Civil Servant Lawyer

If you’ve worked for the State of New York, NYC or the surrounding municipalities, let our 90 years of experience go to work for you. Our legal opponents know how much attention to detail we apply to each Civil Service case, and that we intend to win.

Our experienced legal team understands the complexities of the system and will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the benefits you deserve. Whether you're dealing with a denied claim, a delayed decision, or don’t quite understand the application process, we're here to help. We’re dedicated to helping you get the best results.

Call Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP toll-free at (347) 926-7104 or contact us online for a free evaluation. We also represent Queens County union members and offer full-service legal representation for every worker claim or lawsuit you should file.

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