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Hospital Workplace Injuries

New York Healthcare Worker Injuries Can Be Chronic, Acute, Even Deadly

Most people don't realize just how much healthcare workers do in a days' work. They lift patients in and out of ambulances, vans, wheelchairs and gurneys, transferring them to hospital, clinic and ER beds. They are exposed to airborne viruses and diseases, hazardous bacteria and contaminated needlesticks. They have to handle razor-sharp scalpels that may be covered in germs, infected fluids or blood. Healthcare workers injured in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms or doctor's offices can suffer job-related injuries as serious as construction site injuries. And, just like any workplace injury, filing a workers compensation claim is the first step toward recovering, both financially and medically. But the process can be incredibly complicated and, very often, without the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, work injury victims have their claim denied.

Experienced Lawyers Who Help Injured Nurses, Doctors, NPs and EMS Workers

Here are just a few of the healthcare industry injuries that we handle:

  • Daily exposure to infectious diseases
  • Dealing with toxins, contaminants and body fluids
  • Potentially fatal needle-stick injuries
  • Severe cuts from surgical instruments
  • Slipping and falling on slippery hospital floors
  • Repetitive stress injuries due to lifting patients in and out of hospital beds and gurneys
  • Shoulder pain from pushing heavy wheelchairs
  • Risk of harm from unstable psychiatric patients
  • Hazardous pharmaceutical lab work

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