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Hearing and Vision Loss

Hearing Damage, Impaired Sight and Blindness Demand the Skills of a NY Work Injury Lawyer

Certain workplace environments expose workers to the risk of specific job injuries that can be devastating. In many construction accidents and industrial and manufacturing accidents, a key factor is whether workers wear protective gear such as goggles, construction site helmets, earplugs or headphones. If they don't they can end up with severe ear damage and eye injury, including loss of hearing and blindness, both of which are treated as a specific loss or claim by workers compensation insurance companies. But before filing a workers compensation claim, call us. We can help make sure all the complicated paperwork is filled out correctly, and that you are not accused of trying to obtain money for a preexisting condition, so you can get a fair settlement.

Workplace Loss of Hearing or Deafness Changes Your Life-Call a Tough-Minded NY Lawyer

If you suffered workplace hearing damage, or deafness due to work, there could have been any number of causes, including loud machinery, ear-splitting power tools, and construction site noises such as loud bangs from scaffolding dropping, lumber falling, gas leak explosions, heavy equipment crashing or jackhammers breaking up concrete. You may have experienced sudden, high-decibel sounds causing a ruptured eardrum so you went deaf in an instant. Or perhaps long-term ambient noises caused you to lose hearing over time. These may include constant sounds such as roaring factory machines, the hum of cars in tunnels, pneumatic nail guns or hammering in the background or loud music. In addition, hearing loss may be due to traumatic head injury at work.

Losing Eyesight Is a Catastrophic Job Injury and Needs Aggressive Legal Representation

Workplace vision damage risks are also common, and can mean actual eye injury or an employee gradually losing sight. On-the-job eye accidents, which can cause a worker to become legally blind, include particles in the eye, eyeball laceration from a power tool or complete loss of vision due to chemical burn in the eyes. Longterm worker vision problems can arise because of constant exposure to bright lights, welding sparks, toxic fumes or smoke. Eye strain from looking at a computer screen all day can cause debilitating migraines. Whether your retina, iris, cornea or eyelid is injured, call us.

Ear Damage or Eye Injury at Work? Call Us Today

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