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Work-Related Car Accidents

Driving For Work Can Mean Catastrophic Traffic Accidents On the Job

It's something most transit workers, delivery van drivers, truck drivers and cab drivers don't think about when they leave for work in the morning-that their job, in and of itself, is risky at every moment due to other drivers' negligence or recklessness. But for the thousands of New Yorkers whose job includes driving a company car or commercial vehicle, job-related traffic accidents are all-too common. Though, by law, job-related accident victims are covered by workers compensation, it can be very hard to collect benefits when it's your word against the workers comp insurance companies, and sometimes even your boss. If someone else caused the accident-a pedestrian, another driver or the manufacturer of a defective vehicle you were driving-you could end up having to fight a denied workers compensation claim.

NYC Transit Workers and Delivery Drivers Risk Their Lives Every Day

If you drive a subway line for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the Staten Island Ferry for the NYC Department of Transportation or a New York City cab, you could suffer severe accident injuries on the job at any moment. Accidents can happen for any transit operator on public transportation or cops or firefighters who drive city or state law enforcement vehicles for a living. NYC work-related auto accidents take many forms:

  • Taxi cab crash
  • MTA bus wreck
  • Subway accident
  • Police cruiser crash
  • Fire truck accident
  • Limousine collision
  • NYC DOT ferry disaster
  • Ambulance wreck

No Matter Who Caused Your On-the-Job Traffic Crash, Call a Tough NYC Workman's Comp Lawyer

For over 80 years, we've been helping work-related traffic accident victims from Westchester to Long Island to Queens County. Whether it's filing a workers compensation claim or handling workers compensation hearings on our clients' behalf. Don't wait-we're here to help. If you are a member of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), the NY Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) or the Teamsters, you'll be in skilled hands as well-we've been representing union members for decades.

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