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Lifting Injuries

Workers' Compensation Coverage For New York Workplace Lifting Injuries

Most jobs involve lifting of some kind, but for some New Yorkers, heavy lifting at work is a constant source of back injury, arm strain, and shoulder pain. For people like healthcare workers, hospital workplace injuries due to heavy lifting are prevalent. Likewise, construction workers, truckers, factory workers, and delivery van drivers hurt their backs all the time due to lifting heavy loads. Here are just a few circumstances that can lead to on-the-job lifting injuries, all of which are eligible for workers compensation benefits:

  • Lifting patients off of gurneys
  • Pushing large patients in wheelchairs
  • Helping heavy patients walk
  • Unloading commercial trucks
  • Stocking new inventory
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Preparing forklift loads
  • Stacking delivery van boxes
  • Lifting moving company cargo
  • Carrying full garbage cans

Types of work injuries that can result from lifting

Warehouse worker lifting a stack of heavy boxesHeavy lifting can put significant strain on certain parts of the body. We’ve represented numerous New Yorkers with back injuries from lifting, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, wrist injuries, and knee injuries. What all these injuries have in common is that they can significantly affect your ability to work. But it’s not just short-term pain and medical treatment; it’s the permanent impact on your mobility and flexibility.

That’s why you need an experienced attorney with a proven track record of getting full compensation for New York workers with lifting injuries. If you’ve been hurt, we can help.

Call a Relentless New York Workers' Comp Lawyer For Heavy Lifting Work Injury

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